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1. What hours can I pay my bill at Town Hall?
2. What services am I paying for on my Wickenburg utility bill each month?
3. What days of the week are my trash and recycling picked up?
4. Who should I call if they forgot to pick up my trash or recycling?
5. How does the town determine how much to charge for these utility services?
6. I received a utility bill that seems higher than normal. What should I do?
7. Why did I receive a large water bill this month?
8. Why is my wastewater (sewer) bill higher than my water bill?
9. Why did I receive a large electric bill this month?
10. My bill is high and I checked all my appliances, hoses and plumbing fixtures and don't see any leaks. What should I do?
11. Is it possible for a water meter to “jump” or “over-read,” resulting in a high bill?
12. I think my water meter is reading incorrectly. What are my options?
13. What can I do with bulk trash, electronics or large brush?