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1. What is there to do in town this weekend?
2. What hours is Town Hall open?
3. I am moving to town and need to turn on my water, electric and garbage service, who should I contact?
4. Where can I get a building permit or business license?
5. What do I do if I have a complaint or compliment?
6. How do I obtain Agendas, Meeting Minutes and Public Notices?
7. How do I volunteer?
8. How do I request traffic enforcement in my neighborhood?
9. Is there garbage collection on holidays?
10. Whom do I contact about my water service?
11. Whom do I contact about brush pickup?
12. Whom do I contact about recreation classes or swim lessons?
13. Where do I find election results?
14. I need to request a police report or records, whom do I contact?
15. I received a ticket and want to pay the fine, whom should I contact?
16. Do I need a permit to have a garage or yard sale?