Public Meeting Notices

Annual Statement as to Where Notices Of the Town Of Wickenburg Public Meetings Shall Be Posted

Pursuant to A.R.S. §38-431.02 (A) (4), notice is hereby given that notices of public meetings, along with the agendas shall be posted at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled non-emergency meeting, at the following locations:
  1. The Bulletin Board located in the lobby of the David E. Carter Maricopa county/Town of Wickenburg Municipal Building addressed as 155 North Tegner Street.
  2. The inside Bulletin Board located at the Wickenburg Public Library located at 164 East Apache Street.
  3. Town Website
  4. Town Cable Television Channel 11 (Council Action Items Only)


Notices of the following public bodies of the Town of Wickenburg shall be posted at the above locations, and additional notices required by law may be posted in other locations in accordance with applicable ordinances and/or State Statutes.
  1. Wickenburg Common Council
  2. Airport Advisory Commission
  3. Board Of Adjustment
  4. Board Of Appeals
  5. Corrections Officer Retirement Board - Dispatch
  6. Economic Development Advisory Commission
  7. Finance Advisory Commission
  8. Library Advisory Board
  9. Municipal Property Corporation
  10. Parks & Recreation Advisory Commission
  11. Planning & Zoning Advisory Commission
  12. Personnel Public Safety Retirement Board - Fire
  13. Personnel Public Safety Retirement Board - Police
  14. Trails Advisory Commission
  15. Youth Commission
  16. I-11 Task Force
  17. Any Other Board, Commission, or Committee Hereafter Created By Law.
-- Rui Pereira, Mayor, Filed in the Office of the Town Clerk on the 25th day of June, 2019, by Amy Brown, Town Clerk