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The Floodplain Administrator for the Town of Wickenburg is the Maricopa and Yavapai County Flood Control Districts. The Floodplain Regulations are found in Chapter 15 of the Town Code. Its purpose is to promote the public health, safety, and general welfare and to minimize those losses described in Section 15-1-2(A) by provisions designed to:

  • Restrict or prohibit uses which are dangerous to the health, safety, or property in times of flood or which cause increased flood heights or velocities. 
  • Require that uses vulnerable to floods, including public facilities, which serve such uses, be provided with flood protection at the time of initial construction. 
  • Protect individuals from buying lands, which are unsuited for intended purposes because of flood hazard. 
  • Assure that eligibility is maintained for property owners in the Town to purchase flood insurance in the federal flood insurance program. 


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