Bats & Buzzards on the Bridge

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Stop by Wickenburg's Hassayampa River Walk Bridge to see one of nature's spectacles; turkey vulture and bat migrations! We see some of the highest numbers of migrating vultures and bats in Arizona, with dozens to hundreds of vultures roosting each evening in the trees by the bridge, and bats nesting under the overpass. Swirling flocks of 6-foot winged vultures gliding down in the late afternoon sunlight is a magical sight to behold! And as soon as dusk hits, witness hundreds of Mexican free-tailed bats simultaneously flying out from under Hwy 60 seeking their evening meal of insects. You may even catch a glimpse of some hawks.

Catch this wonderful show before it ends! Peak viewing time is September 12 - October 2, 1-2 hours before sunset ro right past sunset.

The Hassayampa River Walk Bridge is located at 333 E Wickenburg Way, next to Hwy 60/89, with parking available in nearby historic downtown Wickenburg.

Vulture Migration 1

Migration Video 1

Bats Blackout Weather Radar!

Bats Blackout Weather Radar

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Bats - Arizona's Fantastic Beasts!

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