General Election 2018 - Unofficial Results

Results of the General Election will be available online at the Maricopa County Elections Department website at: and Yavapai County Elections Department website at Unofficial results will be posted beginning at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Election night and will continue throughout the night and several days following the election while ballot counting is conducted.

Election night results are considered “unofficial” until all of the ballots are counted; it may take several days to verify provisional ballots and complete the count of early ballots.  

Maricopa County Elections Hub
Yavapai County Elections

Candidate Election

There are three seats open for the Council Candidates.  The top three vote getters will be declared elected with the canvass of the votes. 

Canvass of Election

At the November 19, 2018 Town Council meeting, the Town will hopefully adopt a Resolution to approve the official Canvass of Election for the General Election if the Counties have finished their counting. Pursuant to Arizona Revised Statutes, the Canvass of Election must be adopted by Council between 6 and 20 days after the Election.

Taking Office

Newly elected Council Members will take office at the first meeting in December, which is scheduled for December 3, 2018;  Certificates of Election will be presented to all newly elected and/or re-elected Council Members at this meeting and a swearing-in ceremony will be conducted at that time.