Requests, Concerns or Compliments

The Town of Wickenburg strives to provide the best possible service to all citizens and visitors.  If you see a public area that needs some work, such as a park, street or sidewalk, please click on the Work Order Request and provide the information to the Public Works or Parks Departments.  If you see an employee doing a great job or have a concern with an employee, please click on that link to fill out the form.  If it is specific to the police department, please find the links below to their forms.  If it is a concern about your neighbors private property, please contact the building inspector at 928-668-0513.

Work Order Requests

Work Order Requests for Public Areas (i.e. pot holes, streets/sidewalks)

Compliment or Complain about a Town Employee

Compliment or Complaint about Town Employees
Police Department
The mission of the Wickenburg Police Department is to provide service to our citizens and visitors with an emphasis on excellent customer service. 

If you have a quality of life issue (i.e., parking violations, barking dogs, noise disturbances, speeding, juvenile problems, etc.) please complete the Citizen Concerns form or you may call the Wickenburg Police Department non-emergency number 928-684-5411 to file a report and you can remain anonymous.

If you have a complaint or compliment about a Wickenburg Police Department employee, please fill out the appropriate form or call the office at 928-684-5411 to talk to a supervisor.  

Citizen Concerns for Neighborhood Issues

Citizen Concerns Regarding Neighborhood Issues

Citizen Complaints Regarding an Employee

Citizen Complaints Regarding an Employee

Citizen Compliment for an Employee

Citizen Commendation for an Employee