Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits - For Non-profit Organizations
The Town of Wickenburg completed a new Special Event Permit process to use for any upcoming events you may be planning. There is no fee to obtain the permit. This new Permit allows organizations and individuals to host events that were previously prohibited or significantly restricted under the Town Code. Fundraisers and other events featuring vendors are now permitted on private property, in public parks, and nearly any other location in Town. The new permit process requires an application be submitted 60 days prior to the event. After review by town staff to make sure the event is in compliance with all regulations and safety precautions, the Town Clerk's Office will issue the free permit. There are 3 options for the permits, events on town property, events on private property and events at the Community Center or Coffinger Park Ramada. Please select the correct permit below and return it to Town Hall.

Types of Permits
We've also simplified our Business License categories for events featuring outside vendors. We now have 2 options to meet your needs:
  • For ongoing or recurring events during the same calendar year (such as a weekly Farmers' Market), we recommend each outside vendor obtain a regular Business License, renewable annually at a rate of $50 per year.
  • For one time events up to 4 consecutive days in length, we recommend each outside vendor obtain a Temporary Business License at a rate of $25.
No additional License is needed for vendors who already possess a current Town of Wickenburg Business License.

Your Responsibilities
As the organizer of the event, you will be responsible for collecting vendor information on a form provided in the Special Event application package. The town will use this information to issue Business Licenses for all participating vendors. Vendor information must be turned into the Town Clerk's Office no later than 60 days prior to the event.

Your Options
We tried to reduce the size of the application by giving you 3 options. One application is for events held ON Town property, another application is for events held solely on private property and the third application is for events held at the Community Center or Coffinger Park Ramada. The biggest difference between the applications is that events held on private property do not require that the organizer obtain and provide the Town with liability insurance.

We realize this is a new process and appreciate your patience as we revise our policies to promote a business-friendly community. The town is at your service and welcomes your suggestions for improvement. We want your event to be successful and will work closely with you to accomplish that goal. For questions, or to obtain a Special Event Permit application, please contact the Town Clerk's Office at 928-684-5451 or by email. The Special Event Applications are also available online.