Home Security Review

Although most of us will never experience a break-in, it obviously happens, and it's going to happen to some of us during our lifetimes. Here are some home security tips to keep in mind when securing your home.
  1. Walk around the exterior of your home, thinking like someone who wants to break in. Look at every window and door, and imagine how you can get in. This will help you identify areas that need improvement.
  2. Cut bushes back so that they don't hide entrances. Don't make it easy for a burglar to be hidden from the street while they're gaining entry.
  3. If you have a fence with a gate, lock the gate. There's nothing like an 8 foot privacy fence to provide the perfect cover for someone who's breaking in through the back door.
  4. Install heavy-duty locks on all doors, including the door between the house and the garage. Make sure glass in door windows is protected, and harder to break. If possible, install heavier-duty doors that won't splinter if someone tries to crash through them.
  5. Plant thorny bushes or cacti under your windows. Would you want to be sitting on cactus needles on your way inside a house? It doesn't seem very sophisticated as far as home security tips go, but it may make a difference!
  6. Put your valuables in a heavy-duty safe. This includes all important paperwork. The most valuable thing in your house is not silver or jewelry but everything an identity thief could use to clean out your bank accounts, sell your identity, and abuse your credit report. Make sure the safe is bolted to the floor, and can also withstand fire and flood (if necessary for your area).
  7. Install a home security system. If you don't have the budget for a national monitoring company, at least install simple door contacts and a few motion sensors.
  8. Vary your routine. Anyone can learn your routine quickly if you do the same thing every day at the exact same time, and then it's very easy to burgle your home!
Lastly, don't rely on just one of these home security tips. Combine them to create layers of protection for your home.