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OUR PLAN is to build a Splash Pad in Wickenburg. We are starting our fundraising campaign and with the help of the community to reach our goal of $250,000, we plan to have the Splash Pad in place by Summer 2016.

On behalf of the Town of Wickenburg Parks and Recreation Department, we ask for your support of our plans to build a splash pad at Sunset Park, on West Wickenburg Way. A splash pad will enhance our community and bring in families from near and far.

What is a Splash Pad?
A splash pad combines water movement and interactive play elements in a safe zero-depth water play area. There is no need for lifeguards and with no standing water, children of all swimming abilities can enjoy a safe cool experience. The play area is constructed on a concrete slab with various water features that spray water in different patterns and directions, cooling off the visitors on hot summer days.  We also plan to have a shade structure in order to protect children from the hot summer heat.

Where will it be located?
It will be located in Sunset Park.

How much will it cost to build?
The total anticipated project budget is $250,000. We are seeking contributions from generous donors committed to the children in Wickenburg. We are also seeking in-kind donations.  The Town Council has approved $100,000 towards this project from Parks and Recreation Impact Fees.

How can you help?
We would love to put a permanent mark on this project with your family or company's name and/or logo in recognition of your direct contribution to this project. In addition, in-kind services for things like concrete, plumbing, and other skilled trades, will be accepted.

Polar Bear Plunge Fundraiser - January 21

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